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How to Verify Your "Google My Business" Account

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Basics of using Instagram (from your phone!)

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How to Manage Your "Google My Business" Account

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How to use Facebook Pages Manager (from your phone!)

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"Now In Season" Series

Images to advertise in season produce at your market.

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"Healthy Kids" Series

Images promoting healthful food and/or activities for children at your market.

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"Food Assistance" Series

Images to advertise food assistance acceptance and/or nutrition incentive programs at your market. 

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"New Year's Resolution" Series

Images advertising how farmers markets can help people achieve their New Year's resolutions. 


Daily Digital To-Do List

Day-by-day guidelines for how to manage your social media and digital marketing throughout the week. 

Digital Marketing Basics

An overview of digital account management best practices.

Digital Marketing Tools for Farmers' Markets

An overview of the key digital marketing platforms available for farmers' markets (Google My Business, Instagram, and Facebook).

Digital Enagement Weekly Checklist (from your phone!)

Weekly to-do lists for your Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp accounts.

Social Media Cheat Sheet

A one page overview of social media tips for farmers' market managers.

Social Media Guide for Vendors

A one-page overview of basic social media tips for farmers' market vendors.


Want to connect directly with other market managers in the Los Angeles area? Join the LA Market Managers Listserv!

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  3. FreeLists will send you a VERIFICATION EMAIL. Click the link in the verification email and follow the prompts. You have to check the boxes to accept their terms of service/privacy policy and confirm that you are the owner of your email.
  4. Once you receive a final CONFIRMATION EMAIL, you’re all set! (note- the email may have a long subject saying “command result” instead of “confirmation,” but if it’s from “FreeLists Mailing List Manager,” it’s the right one!)
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What is the difference between a hashtag and a tag?

hashtag is a tool for linking your content to all the other posts that use the same hashtag. Every person that uses or follows the same hashtag will be able to see your content. All of these posts become connected by the hashtag.

Why use a hashtag? Use Hashtags to get noticed by new people. For instance, by using #farmersmarkets, anyone who follows or searches for that hashtag will be able to find your content.

tag is a tool for linking your content with a specific account/person that allows your followers to see who they are. It calls attention to the other account. There are two ways to tag people:

    1. A. Type the ‘@’ symbol in your caption to find the account you want to tag
    2. B. When posting a picture, tap the lower left-hand corner of the photo where an icon says ‘Tag’–a menu will open allowing you to select the account you wish to tag.

Why use a tag? Use tags to get the attention of specific people and accounts. Tag a community organization in an event post so that they can share it, or tag your vendors in your posts about the market so that they see that you are helping to promote them.

What is a ‘Story’ vs a regular post?

A ‘Story‘ is a function that allows you to post a temporary photo or video to your followers that lasts for only 24 hours.

The ‘story’ does not appear in your followers’ normal feed but rather in the very upper part of the Instagram screen as a circular icon.

What is the difference between a Facebook ‘Event’ vs a regular Facebook post?

A Facebook Event is most different in that it creates its own section that allows your post to become searchable to people looking to attend similar events. The Event serves as a public invitation, with features that allow you to set the time, location, details, and any additional information that your attendees may need to know.

Why use an Event? This is useful because it allows new people to find your event and it will also send notifications to those that RSVP. It can also be repeated each week which is extra useful for reminding individuals to attend the farmers market.

What is an Instagram location?

Instagram locations allow your followers to geographically view where your post is situated. Users can also click on the location to see all the other posts that where made at that specific location (in this way it is similar to a hashtag).

Why use a location?Add a location to allow your followers to easily find the market as well as to allow other individuals using Instagram to easily find you.

What is a Facebook page versus an account ?

A facebook Page is used for businesses or organizations and offers many features that a personal facebook account does not offer, such as setting the hours of operation, adding a location, creating a reoccurring event, and allowing anyone to follow and ‘like’ all of the Page’s content.

What is Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most commonly used social media platforms that allows you to join groups, follow pages, message, and find events. Facebook can be used on a computer or through mobile apps such as the Facebook App, Pages Manager, and the Messenger App.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is another popular social media platform that is used solely for posting pictures and finding other accounts. This app is perfect for showing off the greatness of your market, vendors, and community, as well as connect with like-minded accounts. Posts can only be made through the Instagram app.

What Is Snap Chat?

Snap chat is a picture-sharing app that is reserved largely for personal use. It is not useful for businesses and is most popular with GenZ.

What Is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform that allows individuals and organizations to publish very short (200 character) posts. It is used to give live updates, news, thoughts, and or opinions.

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