map LA farmers markets

Are farmers markets located where they should be?

When farmers markets came into being in California in 1978, one of the goals was to provide for greater access to fresh foods in underserved and low-income communities. Even before the term “food desert” was coined, people were thinking that farmers markets would serve communities where grocery stores could not.

Today, there are over 130 farmers markets in Los Angeles County. But where are they located and who are they serving? With information available from the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the mapping platform of Healthy City (a project of the Advancement Project), we’ve put together a map of LA County’s farmers markets relative to neighborhood median income.

What can we see from this map? While farmers markets are spread throughout Los Angeles, and many are in low to mid-income communities, there is still a concentration of markets in more affluent communities. Meanwhile there are noteworthy gaps in others, particularly in South Los Angeles.

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