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Farm to Preschool or Farm to Early Care and Education (Farm to ECE) offers increased access to the three core Farm to School elements of local food sourcing, school gardens, and food and agriculture education to enhance the quality of the educational experience for young children. Farm to Preschool goals are multi-level and include: influencing the eating habits of young children while their preferences are forming; creating healthy lifestyles through good nutrition and experiential opportunities such as gardening; improving healthy food access at home and within the community; and ultimately influencing policies to address the childhood obesity epidemic through a local food lens.

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Farm to Preschool serves the full spectrum of child care delivery: preschools, Head Start, center-based, programs in K-12 school districts, nurseries and family home care facilities. Components can include the following: sourcing local foods in school snacks and meals; promoting and increasing access to local foods for providers and families; offering nutrition and/or garden-based curricula; school gardening; in-class food preparation and taste testing; field trips to farms, farmers’ markets and community gardens; parent workshops; implementing preschool wellness policies which address Farm to Preschool principles; and influencing policies at the local, state or national level. For more information contact Rosa Romero.

Farm to Preschool Harvest of Month Curriculum

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Our Mission

With programming in the areas of schools, farmers’ markets, and the Occidental College community, we work with students, educators, advocacy organizations, and communities, to co-create adaptive strategies that build collective resiliency and achieve a more just food system.

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