Piloting a fresh, new Harvest of the Month at Northeast LA schools

LAUSD teachers fondly remember Harvest of the Month: a nutrition education program using seasonal taste-tests to expose children to new fruits and vegetables. This month, we started a new pilot program using Harvest of the Month to bring together teachers, parents, and local farmers markets.

Last week at Latona Ave. Elementary School, UEPI staff Rosa Romero and Raquel Galarza brought fresh, locally-grown tomatoes from the nearby Highland Park Farmers Market. Parent volunteers prepped the tomatoes for the Harvest of the Month lesson, including portioning out the samples and attaching the “Farmer of the Month” fliers. The Harvest of the Month kits were then delivered to each classroom, where teachers gave the lesson and each student got to try a fresh, local tomato!

In addition to bringing fresh fruits and veggies into the classroom, the goal of the pilot is to connect schools to their local farmers market to source the fresh produce, and use parents as volunteers to make the program more feasible for teachers. This pilot is part of our Champions for Change program. Follow us on social media for updates to the program!


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