Greens aren’t just for eating

Bok Choy is high in minerals like iron and vitamins like vitamins B and A. It’s also a great source of fiber, and can be added to stir fries and soups to help families get their 5 vegetable servings a day.

But students participating in our Harvest of the Month pilot program learned a lot more from their Bok Choy lesson plan and taste test this month. Teachers at our partner school, Loreto St. Elementary, integrated the bok choy into their science, writing, math, and culturallessons!

Kindergarten student analyzing, interpreting and presenting his opinion of bok choy.

This is exactly the kind of creative and interdisciplinary teaching that we hope Harvest of the Month can be a part of. Harvest of the Month is meant to introduce children to new foods and connect them to where food comes from by emphasizing the local farmers who supplied the produce. The program has the biggest impact, however, when combined with other classroom activities. From graphs, word maps, and cultural activities, champion teachers are helping children build a healthier relationship to food by furthering their exposure to and celebration of healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables in the classroom.

“Teachers are exposing their students to a variety of fresh vegetables for the first time, and later hearing from parents that their child is asking to buy it at home. We know these small successes in early childhood are very impactful in the development of healthy food preferences into adulthood,” Rosa Romero, MEd, Farm to Preschool Program Director.

Kindergarten students learned about Lunar New Year and used chopsticks to enjoy their bok choy taste test.

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